About Coaching...

Divorce is a messy process. Start with the broken pieces of the future you had planned (children, houses, vacations, holidays and retirement) then add the mixed emotions of deep sadness, anger, fear of the future and possibly regret or shame. What you’re left with is the overwhelming chaos of divorce. Many people often feel stuck, overwhelmed and exhausted; second guessing every decision. Let's be honest, this SUCKS!


There is no such thing as an “easy divorce” but you can have a healthy one. It takes great effort and intention to come through the process with a better sense of yourself than when you began. This is the very time to arm yourself with a “thinking” partner/friend. Someone who will help guide you through your unique situation.


As a certified Professional Coach, I provide a service very different from traditional therapy. I will create a plan for you and with you- a step by step action plan to break down the process into manageable pieces so you can end this chapter of your life victorious and begin the next chapter prepared for success. 

Coaching support is offered on many different platforms (phone calls, text messaging, Skype, in person meetings, etc) and is meant to meet you where you are; mentally, emotionally and physically. As a coach I am equipped and trained to meet you in your world - your home, work environment, meal breaks and even professional or personal events/meetings. As a trained support partner, I will assist with the day to day struggles holding you back from your goals and will keep you moving toward YOUR best life!

...sometimes a new beginning is even better than a happy ending. "

How I Can Help:


We will work together to clarify your goals in order to create a plan and action steps to reach your vision for your new life. Believe me,  you CAN re-claim yourself and fall in love with the opportunities ahead-- it's not all doom and gloom!


I will help you identify potential pitfalls unique to your divorce situation and provide you with important questions to ask your attorney. We don't know what we don't know and I'm here to help!


As your “thinking” partner, I will help you manage your strong divorce emotions and bring forth more critical thinking. "Divorce fog" is a real thing!


We will practice talking through/role playing difficult conversations with your (ex)spouse in a businesslike and amicable manner to achieve the best outcome for you. I will be your sounding board. What you want to say and what we should say aren't always the same.


If needed, we will create a team of support professionals (attorneys included) to effectively and efficiently reach resolutions quickly which reduces time and expense. Attending court hearings for mental and moral support is also an option.


We will  navigate steps one at a time and calm the fear of the future – we will work through questions like: how will I survive this ordeal, will my kids be okay, can I ever forgive him and will anyone ever love me again? I'm like a counselor and a girlfriend rolled into one package.


We will separate thoughts from feelings and act using long term goals not short term feelings. The choices you are making not only affect you but possibly little ones. Discernment and long term thinking is critical at this stage.


I will be a sounding board to vent frustrations when you need an unbiased safe haven away from judgments and the fear of disappointing others. Friends and family mean well but they cannot be as objective as they might like to be. I'll tell you what you need to hear which isn't always what you want to hear.


I can be a second set of eyes for editing/wording texts and emails between you and your ex. Trust me, this is worth it's weight in gold.


When you are ready, I can help guide you through beginning the dating process as a single mom. 

Are You Sick Of Reading & Ready To Get Started?

Complimentary 30 Minute "Discovery" Call:

Let's see if we are a good fit. You can tell me about you and your situation and what you hope to get from coaching. I'll tell you more about how I can help. Completely confidential no pressure. It's like a quick first date!                                    

One Month All-Inclusive Package:

We will get you on your way to your best life. We will address your goals, pressing issues, problem solving with practical life applications. Depending on your specific needs, I will create a plan with action steps and other support features. We will meet either in person, on the phone or via Skype/ Facetime. You are NOT alone, you have a "thinking" friend just a phone call away! Help is on the way!

3 Month All-Inclusive Package:

Divorce is a marathon not a sprint. We will dive deeper and further into wrapping up the end of one story and creating a beautiful start to your new beginning. Now things are getting interesting!

On-Call Court Support:

On the phone, through text or FaceTime coaching for mediation and court hearings. I will provide pre-session guidance and coaching throughout the day as needed. I will be available for breaks and mid-session consultation, as well as post-court wrap up coaching so you walk away feeling empowered, centered and ready to move forward with a plan. 

Pre-Separation Guidance Package:

If you are considering separation or divorce I can help. Are you exhausted, don't know what to do next, or don't  know where to turn? I'm here for you. Let's sit down and talk about your options.