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Let me start by saying I am sorry for where you find yourself as you sit and read these words. I’ve been in your shoes. I promise it can get better!


I was first married in 2004 and within 4 years we had 2 beautiful daughters. When my youngest daughter was only 7 months old, we separated the first time. We ended up reconciling after 9 months apart. The agony of the separation and the subsequent forgiveness that I had to live out daily during that time was the single most difficult thing I’ve ever lived through. A couple years later our marriage ended in divorce anyways. My daughters were 5 and 2 and half years old. With the help of an amazing support system I made the decision that I would not under any circumstances let myself get stuck in bitterness, repeat the same mistakes, allow anyone to rob me of the future I wanted for my children and I would not jump into another relationship until I knew myself better. I was determined that if I had to walk this road I would walk it well so I could hold my head up high.

While every situation, circumstance and relationship is different; there is no escaping the crushing feelings one feels during a divorce/separation. Regardless whether you are the one seeking the divorce or the one being asked, there are powerful emotions at work. Life is a series of choices that has effected your current situation and choices will be what leads you out of it. This is no time to “wing it”.  You and I will work together to plan and execute the steps necessary for you to live the life you CHOOSE. It may not be your choice to be going through a divorce, but it is your choice how you want to get through it. And that is what I am here to help you do! I can’t wait to meet you and walk this profound journey with you as your “thinking friend” and coach.

Along with being the mom of my 2 amazing girls, I am lucky enough to get to borrow 2 kids from my new husband whom I married in 2016. Together we are both rebuilding and redesigning a new life and family. I am a native of Fort Worth and have been a licensed real estate agent for nearly 10 years. Before becoming a Realtor, I owned my own design and furniture business for nearly 7 years. Giving to those in need is a cornerstone principle in my life. A portion of my income goes directly to help improve the lives of others.